Firefighter Home Loan

Protecting Your Home and Safeguarding Your Future

Why HERO Loan?

  • Customized loan terms and loan rates
  • Appraisal credit at closing
  • We can close in 30 days or less
  • We have a 96% closing rate vs. 61% in the industry
  • We give back to a charity that supports your vocation
  • Our experience in the industry makes your loan process smooth and simple
  • We know your time is valuable so we use an efficient process
firefighter home loan
We think it’s about time someone had your back and we want to thank you for what you do. 

Giving Back

A percentage of all HERO Loan proceeds are donated to a non-profit that supports firefighters and first responders.

Appraisal Credit at Closing

To honor the Firefighter contribution that you make everyday to protect others, I want to offer you a credit for your appraisal fee when we close on your loan. 

It’s a small way for me to say thank you.

*Can be used on a purchase or refinance. To cover the actual cost of the appraisal, up to $750.

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Why Help?

My son is a firefighter.

Well, to be honest, as a kid, he set more fires than he put out. I guess that should have been a clue for my wife and I. 

I feel personally invested in helping firefighters, paramedics, EMTs and other emergency medical professionals because of my son. I’m extremely proud of how he serves others and bravely puts his own life on the line.  

-Kevin A. Guttman
Mortgage Broker

Find the Best Option

My goal is to help firefighters find the best home financing option for your situation. At HERO mortgage loan, the client comes first. We look at top lenders and wholesalers for you so you get the best program, rate, and payment you qualify for.

An Efficient Process

We have three simple steps we always follow at firefighter HERO loan. Here’s how it works.
Get PreApproved

We start with a conversation about how your goals and home financing needs. 

Collect & Submit Documents

We collect everything up front because this ensures a smooth underwriting process and a clean approval.


We sign the paperwork to finalize everything. You close on your loan and keep doing what you do best. 

Home Financing Options

There are eight main home loan types available to consumers today.  

This is for seniors 62 years and up who can put 45-60% down and never have a mortgage payment. Purchase price up to $822,375. Insured by FHA. Jumbo reverse mortgages are available. Learn more at

This is a loan for active or retired military. This loan is Zero Down and NO Mortgage Insurance! If the Vet is disabled 10% or more, there is NO Funding Fee either! Loan amounts are unlimited. Terms available are 30, 25, 20 and 15 year. Fixed and Adjustable products are available. Great for our community!

Just 3.5% down and mortgage insurance is for the life of the loan. Terms available are 30, 25, 20, and 15 years. Fixed and Adjustable products are available. The loan limits vary by county. This is perfect for a first-time homebuyer or anyone coming back into the market with a low down payment.

This loan is available for rural properties only. Both the property AND the buyer must qualify. It is a zero down loan and is available as a 30 year fixed-rate loan. There is a 2% upfront mortgage insurance fee that is rolled into the loan amount. This is a great option for folks out in the country.

This loan is for someone with above-average credit and a down payment of 5% or more. A bit more challenging to qualify for and mortgage insurance goes away at 78% loan to value or after 5 years. Sometimes call a ‘conforming loan’ this is a great option for people. Loan limits are $548,250.

For loan amounts above $548,250 up to $10 Million, all fixed and adjustable rate products are available. Can be for primary residence or second home. We have options available with just 10% down and no mortgage insurance for the well-qualified buyer.

For the financially savvy borrower. The All In One Loan combines banking functionality with home financing. It uses simple interest and custom loan terms. Borrowers who qualify may be able to save tens of thousands of dollars and years off their loan.

We offer a one-time close construction loan as well. Save time and money with a single loan on your construction project. 

To know which loan type and term is best for you, contact me and we will go over the options you qualify for. Also, we have a grant program for down payment that works with all of these except jumbo loans.